All About Paragraph Writing Worksheet

Life-changing Learning

Activity Introduction

A well-written paragraph demonstrates our deep knowledge of a topic and our ability to express our ideas clearly.

Worksheet details

The Paragraph Writing card reveals the structure of a paragraph, and the steps learners need to take to write their very own clear paragraphs. 

Fully aligned to the Australian National Curriculum English strands, these large, colourful cards are designed to make paragraph writing easy, by revealing its basic structure and how you can follow this process with ease.

The Paragraph Writing cards are structured to scaffold the learning process. The questions gradually increase in difficulty, ensuring the learner understands the terms and concepts, before moving onto more complex questions that are designed for the latter years of high school.

The three cards measure 21cm – 29.7 cm (A4). They include an Information, Question and fully-detailed Answer card. These cards can be printed and laminated to be re-used time and time again. 

Ideal for teachers in the classroom, homeschoolers and tutors. Suitable for learners in high school and beyond.

Written and designed by Life-changing Learning. 

Fully aligned to the Australian Curriculum: English strands:

  • Language – Language Variation and Change, Language for Interaction, Expressing and Developing Ideas
  • Literature– Literature and Context, Responding to Literature, Examining Literature, Creating Literature
  • Literacy – Texts in Contexts, Interpreting, Analysing and Evaluating, Creating Texts

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