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The Creative Writing Worksheet Set includes 40 sets of comprehensive worksheets that are beautifully designed for maximum clarity.

Every card is unique and cannot be found anywhere else. They allow the student to learn freely without instruction.

Each set includes all the learner needs to know about each literary device and then provides a series of activities that are intended to develop the learner's knowledge and understanding. The worksheets are designed by Annelise Mitchell, an English and History teacher who received the University Medal and has also taught Education students for over ten years.

Click below to receive 3 Sample Worksheet Sets - they will reveal what each worksheet set looks like and the level of detail and clarity of each set below.

Sample 1: Adverbs Worksheet Set

Sample 2: Five Senses Worksheet Set

Sample 3: Symbolism Worksheet Set

The Creative Writing Worksheet Set includes a worksheet set on each of the following:

1. Adjectives

2. Adverbs

3. Alliteration

4. Allusion

5. Apostrophe

6. Assonance

7. Caricature

8. Catchphrase

9. Characterisation

10. Cliches

11. Context

12. Five Senses

13. Hyperbole

14. Idioms

15. Irony

16. Juxtaposition

17. Metaphors

18. Mood

19. Morals

20. Motifs

21. Onomatopoeia

22. Oxymorons

23. Paradox

24. Parody

25. Personification

26. Plot

27. Point of view

28. Proverbs

29. Puns

30. Rhyme

31. Rhythm

32. Satire

33. Setting

34. Similes

35. Slogan

36. Stereotypes

37. Symbolism

38. Tense

39. Themes

40. Tone


Each worksheet set includes 5 pages that measure 21cm – 29.7 cm (A4).

These 5 pages include a:
- Cover Page
- Instructional Guide for teachers and learners
- Information on the term or concept
- Questions scaffolded from beginner to advanced
- Fully-detailed Answers

On each Question worksheet, the questions gradually increase in difficulty, ensuring the learner understands the term and concept, before moving onto more complex questions that are designed for the latter years of high school.

The worksheets include all learners need to know, and have been refined with students who have provided consistent feedback throughout their development. For this reason, they are designed to achieve results as well as make the learning process enjoyable.


After downloading the digital file that includes 40 Worksheet Sets (40 PDFs), you can either print them or display them on your computer. However, they are most ideal when they are printed (back-to-back) and laminated to be re-used time and time again. This makes them ideal for teachers in the classroom, homeschoolers and tutors. They are also suitable for learners in high school and beyond.


Yes, the worksheets are fully-aligned to the Australian Curriculum: English strand:

Language – Language variation and Change, Text Structure and Organisation, Expressing and Developing Ideas

Literature– Examining Literature, Creating Literature

Literacy – Texts in Contexts, Interpreting, analysing and evaluating, Creating Texts

This alignment also concurs with other curriculum bodies located around the world.


- Please understand that after download, I cannot refund your purchase. However, I encourage you to contact me directly with any problems or suggestions for improvement. I will send you a new copy with the problem fixed, or when the product has been improved. Your feedback helps me create the most effective products possible and also helps your students learn most effectively.

- These Worksheet Sets are intended for your PERSONAL USE ONLY and are not to be shared, sold or distributed under any circumstances. They are also not for resale or commercial use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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