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Are you looking for personalised, targeted learning?

If you are seeking a tutor who is as passionate about their craft as you are about achieving the best results, I think we’ll get along very well indeed.

Annelise Mitchell

Read on and decide if we are good fit…

When you choose Life-changing Learning’s tutoring service, you will receive personalised learning experiences that will help you develop your writing potential. As an experienced teacher, I believe personalised learning in a supportive environment is the key to fostering excellence.

Guided by this philosophy, my aim is to enhance your writing abilities along with increasing your confidence in the pursuit of excellence. My teaching is informed by the latest in educational research and the guidelines of the Australian Curriculum. I am a fully qualified and registered teacher with the Queensland College of Teachers (QCT) and have fifteen years high school and university teaching experience.

My experience includes the following subject areas:

  • English – English and Literature
  • Humanities and Social Sciences – Social Work, Psychology, Ancient and Modern History, Politics and Geography
  • Law – Human Rights, Professional Conduct, and Social Policy
  • Business – Marketing, Management, Organisational Behaviour, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Advertising, Policy, Strategy and Communication, Research Methods

In each learning session I aim to provide:

  1. Carefully sequenced instruction that is informed by the latest research in education and personal performance, including innovative teaching methods, products and coaching principles;
  2. A motivating environment where you can excel in your acquisition of literacy, and in areas beyond the academic environment;
  3. Coaching for you to achieve your very best. As a passionate teacher I believe that learners give their best when they are mentored by enthusiastic teachers;
  4. A curriculum that is designed to your specific needs and in accordance with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and other relevant education authorities.

Why choose my Tutoring Service?

I provide professional tutoring for anyone wanting to advance in their writing, including those who are thinking of, or are currently completing a course of study. With the massive increase of students now learning online, the learning journey can a very lonely and isolating experience. I know because I have been there, and so many of my students have experienced this exact same thing. It is totally normal; we are social beings who need to interact with others during our learning journey.

My service is ideal for students wanting someone to accompany them on their learning journey, either as needed, or throughout the entire process.
You decide.

Many of my students also come to me because they want to go to university and they want to acquire the knowledge and skills to be able to either gain entrance to university, or to successfully complete course requirements.

If you are thinking of attending university or are already at university and want to succeed, I can provide you with the knowledge and tools to be able to not only complete your assignments at university but to also excel.

I believe everyone can succeed at university, or in any field they desire when they are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to know. Because I love what I do and understand what is required to successfully complete course requirements, I believe that I can teach anyone, regardless of background, to achieve his or her goals. Please see my Blog for further details about my approach to learning.

Throughout my teaching and tutoring experience, I have acquired the skills to tailor my craft, including my instructional materials and resources, to be specific to student needs, regardless of their age or experience. Please see my Products section to purchase these learning materials.

What does each session include?

The following outlines my personal approach to how I tutor my clients and what my service entails.

  • Each learning session runs for 60 - 120 minutes, depending on your needs and goals. Within this time frame you will complete a variety of activities that have been specifically designed to scaffold your knowledge and skills, or if receiving help with an assignment, you will be provided with the scaffolding and guidance needed to complete your assignment.
  • Throughout each activity, I provide consistent feedback and modelling of best practice. The careful scaffolding of your skills enables me to raise individual performance by targeting needs and interests immediately, rather than over time. This personal style of tutoring also increases motivation and confidence and leads to greater enjoyment of the learning process. Please see Client Testimonials.
  • Each session includes individually designed learning plans and resources that target needs and interests. These resources are designed to make learning meaningful, personal and enjoyable.

Overall, I really love what I do and believe that if you choose me as your tutor, you are choosing success.

Contact me directly to book your first session.