The following includes some of the testimonials that I have received about my service. I have organised them into subsections: university and high school students.

University students

Testimonial - Psychology student in first year of university

"Annelise has a gift with her teaching. I feel that Annelise has the ability to have each student leave full of knowledge and confidence, knowing they will be able to achieve whatever it is that they have set out to do. Annelise not only teaches you what you need to know, but supports you throughout the trials you may come across. It shows through each lesson that this is not just a job but a passion and I believe Annelise is everything you could want in a tutor and more. Annelise's calm and relaxed manner makes even the most stressful learning tasks a breeze. Highly recommended."


Testimonial - Social Work student in first year of university
"Since Primary school I have struggled with my English skills. I am a slow learner and have trouble with my writing structure. Now that I am at university I found that I was struggling more and more with the expectations of my written assignments. Thankfully I found Annelise's blog online and was impressed with her description of her tutoring methods. Upon our first appointment, Annelise immediately made me feel at ease and was able to show me how to breakdown my assignments. I left that day feeling in control, with a better understanding of where to start, a method to follow and how to access my future assignment. Each time I go back I feel that I am improving and Annelise is always kind and patient with me."


Testimonial - Business Management student completing a Business Management diploma
"I am extremely happy with the help I have received from Annelise Mitchell in our tutoring sessions. I was struggling with a Business Management course and Annelise guided me in the right direction. Annelise didn't waste time and made sure I got what I wanted out of each session. I enjoyed my tutoring sessions with Annelise as she is a very friendly person and is easy to talk to. I highly recommend Annelise to other students who are seeking help."


Testimonial - Social Work student in first year of university
"Annelise has helped me with completing my essays for my Bachelor of Social Work. The complexities of University level seemed overwhelming and high grades seemed almost unachievable. The ease and relaxed atmosphere with Annelise gave me confidence and perserverance in achieving my goals. Within only a short amount of time I was able to complete my essays and take a lot of the stress out and worry of having a quality assignment to hand in. Her personal standards and quality of professionalism shown, I believe provides me with great value for my money."


Testimonial - Education student in first year of university

"I believe that Annelise is a very understanding person and knows how to work well with her students. She is very encouraging, friendly and inspires me to do better. She is also supportive and helps me complete my work in the best way possible. I would definitely recommend Annelise to school students or a new university student, which I am, or even someone who has been at university for a while. I came to Annelise with uncertainty about my literacy skills and lacked confidence to write university assignments. She helped me get through this and I now feel confident to pursue higher areas that I did not think about before."


High school students

Testimonial - Year 12 student

"I cannot thank Annelise enough for her hard work and effort. I came to her to receive the extra support I needed in Year 12. Her quality tutoring helped me tremendously throughout my final years of schooling. Without her dedication and 100% support, I never would’ve achieved the high goals I set for myself. I feel like a conquered Year 12 with confidence, and prepared myself for university."


Testimonial - Parent of Year 11 student

"Annelise's calm and relaxed manner makes even the most stressful learning tasks simple. We are extremely happy with the help received from Annelise in our tutoring sessions. Annelise guides students in the right direction. She didn't waste time and is organized prior to the lesson. My daughter went to Annelise with uncertainty about her literacy skills and lacked confidence to write assignments. She helped her get through this and she now feels confident to pursue higher areas that she did not think about before."


Testimonial - Parent of Year 9 student
"[My son] felt immediately at ease with Annelise as she has a good rapport with teenagers. Through tutoring he has developed greater confidence in his writing skills and the motivation to aim higher."


Testimonial - Year 8 student
"Annelise made tutoring interesting and fun. She showed me an easier way to complete my assignments and my grades improved too."