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I'm a writer and educator who specialises in writing, editing and research.

How I can help you:

If you are seeking help from a professional educator who has a passion for writing and research, then you and I will be a good fit.

  • I can help you write and construct your website content, business proposals, or any other writing pieces.
  • You can contact me if you have any questions.

Read on and decide if we are good fit…

The following outlines my experience and the type of work that I specialise in.

  • I am a former high school and university lecturer. I have taught Senior English, Ancient and Modern History as well as many other subjects in the Humanities. I have also taught Pre-Service Teachers (Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Teaching) with James Cook University over several years.
  • I regularly work with clients to help them write engaging and specific content for the website, business or personal life.

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